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The Original Core Velocity Belt...
Entrusted by 170+ D1 Programs & 20 MLB Teams!
10 Reasons Why College Coaches Use The Belt To Generate New Arm Speed That Transfers To The Strike Zone Without Having To Worry With Mechanics!
  • "It teaches my guys how to FEEL the lower-half working and makes my job easier"..."Scott Brown"-Vanderbilt University (2014 National Champions)
  •  “The velocity-belt developed by Lantz Wheeler is one of these tools every pitcher should give a try! I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the guys and best of all-the results are transferring to the mound!" Drew Thomas-Coastal Carolina University Pitching Coach
  •  "Finally my guys can feel the hip drive that is easy to talk about but hard to feel. This belt is a no teach as they feel it as soon as they use it." Mike Federico-University of Southern Miss
  • "Outstanding, best I've seen in 30 years of coaching." Tony Robichaux, University of Louisiana-Lafayette (#2 ranked team in 2014)  
  •   "Generates arm-speed and makes it easy to FEEL how to get more out of the hips and lower body..." Kevin Erminio- Kennesaw State University and 2014 Super Regional Participant 
  •  "We use The Belt for everything, including hitting, and our guys absolutely LOVE it...Chris Finwood-Old Dominion Head Coach and 2014 NCAA Regional-Runner Up
  • "Our guys have not only increased their velocity, they're throwing more strikes!" Cory Barton-Pitching Coach at McNeese State University
  •  " Hitters learn to feel their hips and core while creating movements they couldn't understand before." Casey Dykes, Virginia Military Institute
  •  "Within a few sessions, each pitcher developed a significantly better feel for the movement of their lower half without discussing their mechanics." Mike Marron- Pitching Coach at Stony Brook University- 2012 College World Series participant 
  •  "Our pitchers are throwing more strikes, throwing harder and best of all-not thinking about mechanics anymore, just pitching." James Ogden-Lipscomb University
"The Official Velocity Tool" 

The Core Velocity Belt is the "Official Velocity Tool' of choice for my pitching staff at Vanderbilt University!

Scott Brown - Pitching Coach - National Champion Vanderbilt University

"First thing I did was order 10 more Belts!"

One of the first things I did after getting the Head Coaching job at Auburn was call up Lantz and order 10 More Belts!   My pitchers at MSU loved them and so do my guys at Auburn!"

Butch Thompson - Head Coach - Auburn

"We use The Belt every single day..."

"I live by the rule that your results on the mound are a direct reflection of your ability to transfer kinetic energy... That's why we use The Belt in some form or fashion every day."

Wes Johnson - Pitching Coach - Arkansas

What Exactly Is The Core Velocity Belt Training System?
How Easy Is It To Put On? 
What Comes With The Training System? 
What Makes it Different From Other Belts on the Market?

What Exactly Is The Core Velocity Belt Training System...You Ask?

The Now Famous Original Core Velocity Belt Training System was a 10 year work in progress.   The actual idea for The Belt came to me while watching my oldest daughter slam into a concrete wall.


Oh no... 

My babies going to be dead after I peel her off this concrete wall and about that time the pitching coach inside me screams... "That would be perfect for training pitchers.!"

Voilaa... The idea for The Core Velocity Belt was born. 

Over the past 10 years we've spent 10,000's of hours in research and design until we finally got it right.  Our earlier designs resembled a mountain climbing belt and let's just say...

"The mountain climbing concept did way more harm than good!"

I'll be honest... Had I not learned what doesn't work I would have never came up with the patented design that made all the difference in the world!

The Patented Skin-es-Thetic Design allows you to train while wearing the Belt the same way you do when it's taken off... That's why we guarantee your results will transfer to the mound or batters box!

The Patented "Skin-es-Thetic" Design  Acts As A 3rd Layer of Skin To Enhance The FEEL of The Hips...Cutting The Learning Curve In 1/2 in Half!  (Patent #US9498692)

Here's how The Patented Design helps you... 

  • The 3 layers of special fabric compress your hips and molds to your hips and instantly letting you FEEL how to effectively engage your hips.
  • The patented design is One-Size-fits-All and just as comfortable on a 10U pitcher as it is for the Million Dollar arms you see on ESPN's Baseball Tonight using it.
  • The Skin-es-thetic Design instantly communicates with your brain, connecting your nervous system from head to toe... Giving your arm no choice but to keep up with faster, more efficient moving hips.  
  • The patented design compresses your entire hip region and prevents the leg buckles from slipping and sliding around...Which causes more harm than good.

Look at the comparison and notice how "the mountain climbing" design exposes the glutes... The mountain climbing designed belt prevents you from actually pitching off the mound while wearing it.... Even worse....

The mountain climbing design belt makes it impossible for you to FEEL how to effectively use your glutes to rotate your hips... And that's the difference in several MPH's. 

The Patented Skin-es-Thetic design allows you to train off the mound during real-live bullpens or BP.  

  • The design prevents it from slipping, keeping a tight fit around the Power Center of Performance (your hips) and constantly reminding your brain of the hips location.  (Wait til you hear what the Brain Surgeon has to say about this in a moment.)
  • The tight-fitting design seals and prevents energy leaks causing you to lose velocity while adding stress to your arm. 
  • The patented design makes the athlete FEEL weightless with a keen sense of awareness for his hips... Long after The Belt has been removed.
  • By acting as a 3rd layer of skin - The patented design transfers force more efficiently from the lower-half to the upper-body without interruption or leakage. 

But the Real Secret is simple. 

The patented Skin-es-thetic Design increases hip proprioception and fine-tunes your delivery and allows you to focus on what's really important versus OVER-THINKING and worrying yourself sick over pitching mechanics.

Let The World's Smartest Baseball Coach Explain What's Really Happening When You Strap on The Core Velocity Belt...
NFL's Chief Medical Director/ Brain Surgeon Witnesses 5 MPH Average Gain With  15U Pitchers and Position Players...
Inside of 8 Weeks!

My name is Dr. Allen Sills.

I'm a neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm one of the co-directors of the Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Center. I also coach baseball. 

I got interested in Lantz's Core Velocity Belt really combining both of those interests. One in my interest as a neuroscientist and a brain guy, trying to understand how this product worked and what might contribute to its success and then I got interested in seeing how it applied to the teams that I coached.

I'm a big believer in the Core Velocity Belt system. 

  •  I think the way that it works is increasing what we call kinesthetic awareness of the hips.    
  • Basically teaching the brain to pay more attention to where the hips are, how they're moving, how they're operating. 
  • That's a difficult thing to train for most players, really of all ages.
  •  Certainly important in youth players, high school age, who are often growing rapidly and may have trouble understanding the relationships with their hips in exerting control through their core. 

So last year I was coaching 15 year olds and we did a little bit of an experiment. In the Fall we tested all the guys throwing them off a mound and then we put them through an eight week program using The Core Velocity Belt throwing with it twice a week, doing some other core related exercises. 

After eight weeks...

  • All those players and there were 16 of those players at 15 years all, they all experienced an average gain of about five miles per hour on their fastball. 
  • I think beyond that they all had what we would all consider to be improved mechanics 
  • Better use of force transfer
  • And less leakage of force through their core. 

So that was some pretty objective evidence about how the belt works. Again I've seen lots of guys use it in different applications and we're looking at it now trying to help catchers, hitters, and other people who need to use their hips and core effectively. I've found it to be a very useful product and one that we're still learning and probably has even more applications than we've discovered to this point.

The Core Velocity Belt Self-Teaches Pitchers How To FEEL Their Hips Move Cleaner, Quicker... Preventing You From OVER-THINKING and Finally Allows Your Body/Brain To Naturally Become It's Own... Best Pitching Coach!
Watch what it does to the Inverted W - High Elbows - and poor lower body patterns in a matter of only a few throws!
Inverted W Permanently Disappears in Seconds!
Elevated Distal Humerus (High Elbows) No More!
Lower Body Energy Leaks... Sealed!
Hips & Shoulders Separate Like A Rubber-Band
What About Youth Pitchers? 
Has The Belt Been Scientifically Proven To Safely Increase The Velocity of Youth Pitchers?
Click the video to watch... Pay close attention to what happens at the :40 second mark.

10-14U Pitchers Take The Core Velocity Belt Challenge... And Win!

Last year we took The Core Velocity Belt Challenge on the road and tested over 1000 amateur pitchers and hitters across the country.  

Here's what we discovered:

  • The average velocity gain was 3.6 MPH within 3 throws
  • The highest gains occurred after using The Belt, proving once and for all the results transferred, instantly.  
  • The players claimed they could FEEL their lower-half doing all the work... and "Nothing on the arm." 

Seriously, if I were you... 

I wouldn't believe this.  Honestly, I wouldn't. In the beginning we didn't either. It's why we spent 47 days last summer in hotel rooms traveling from travel ball tournament to travel ball tournament. 

Luckily for us... 

We documented the results and put them right smack in front of you to see with your own eyes.  

Results after just one single throw using The Belt!

Scientific Proof:  The Core Velocity Belt Increases Arm Speed While Dramatically Decreasing Arm Stress!

Check out the results we've seen over and over when testing The Belt with the Motus Sleeve. 

The Core Velocity Belt forced the pitchers arms to move faster immediately (judging by the radar gun and testing results), but the best part was watching the results after they removed The Belt. 

Proving once and for all...  

The velocity gains transferred immediately!

And here's the best part by far...  

Not only did we consistently see a spike in arm speed while training with The Core Velocity Belt but we also witnessed a dramatic drop in Arm Stress levels. 

Just one more reason College and Pro teams buy The Core Velocity Belt by the bundle!

 Does The Core Velocity Belt Increase Bat Speed The Same Way It's Been Proven Time and Time Again To Increase Arm Speed?
Stop the video below at the 1:28 second mark and see what that smile tells ya!
If You're Serious About Pitching...
You Need The Core Velocity Belt Training System
Because The Real Secrets Are Found Inside The Core Velocity Training System!

Hey guys, I'm Lantz Wheeler. 

I'm the inventor and creator of The Core Velocity Belt.  As a former NCAA D1 college pitching coach, and now personal pitching coach to over $40,000,000 of MLB arms...  I can help you.  

Like most pitchers, you're struggling to with a couple of areas inside your delivery and I'm betting you struggle with: 

  • Over-Thinking mechanics  (One coach tells you this and another tells you that)Getting more from your lower-half. (And you're probably tired of coaches pointing it out but not showing you how to truly fix it?)
  • Transferring velocity gains to the game mound.
  • Flawed arm action that's causing you pain or fear of injury and no matter what you try to fix it... It's still there. 
  •  Throwing strikes consistently, some days its there and some days it's not. 
  • Throwing with all arm

I could keep going but those are the issues I see the most with youth pitchers, high school pitchers and even professional pitchers.

But, here's the Good News! 

Each of these can be fixed almost immediately and here's why: 

Your body works as a system.  Every move you make, no matter how big or small creates a "ripple effect."  And often it's the teeniest tiniest flaws that appear as the biggest problems. 

But... Here's the bad news. 

You spend time busting your but, scheduling lessons and going above and beyond but still, not the results you wanted. 

Do you know why this is happening to you?

More than likely you can't FEEL the most important part of your body, your hips.  And that's the reason you're struggling. 

Once a pitcher, or hitter, can actually FEEL their hips... A light bulb pops on and 

  • Suddenly the old flawed mechanics are no longer visible. 
  • Your body starts to clean up its own mess without you having to worry yourself sick about pitching mechanics.
  • And once you finally take your mind off mechanics, your body frees up and puts you on the final path to reaching your potential. 

I'm so confident in what I'm telling you that I'm willing to back it up 100%. 

 Here's what I've got for you... 

Take The Core Velocity Challenge and if you don't see an immediate spike in velocity, performance and arm health within 30 days, you can keep The Belt for FREE and I'll refund you ever single penny back. 

You've got 100% NO RISK on your end.

Take The Core Velocity Challenge and watch how quickly the game of baseball and the art of pitching 'gets fun again'.  

Here's What You Get With Your One-Time 100% Risk FREE Investment Into Your Pitcher or Hitters' Future...

Here's what will arrive at your front door inside your Core Velocity Belt Training System carry bag

The Original "One-Size-fits-All" Core Velocity Belt

You will receive 2 Kinetic Training Cords that will be color coded according to the size you order. 

Youth- 150 lbs or less

High School - 151-209 lbs

College - 210 lbs up

Full colored 30 page Core Velocity Training Manual which includes walking you through every step of the program.

Bonus: Includes the only velocity program of its kind that doesn't require weighted balls... or long toss!

Lifetime Access To The Core Velocity Belt Members Area 
You will get Lifetime Access to all future updates and New HD Instructional Videos at absolutely no charge to you!  (It's the training program that makes or breaks you!)
Getting Started w/The Belt

Inside this area you will find 6 HD videos walking you through every step of the way... Showing you exactly what you need to know to get started on the right foot.

Core Velocity "Flexibility in Motion" Program

Inside this section you will get total access to every single "Flexibility in Motion" training exercise.  These are a game changer and it's hip mobility that's the cause for many arm injuries.

Core Velocity Drill System

Inside this area you will get access to the Original 6 Core Velocity Training Drills that have made this program famous!  

It gets better...

I'll show you how to turn one pitching drill into 500 different pitching drills!

Core Velocity Ground Force Velocity Med-Ball Program

Inside this section you get total access to all 8 HD instructional videos where I will show you the fastest way to get more from the ground... Without even using your arm!

Let's Review Exactly What You're Getting When You Invest in The Core Velocity Belt Training System Today!

Here's what you will find waiting for you at your front door: 

  • The Core Velocity Belt Carry Anywhere bag.
  • The Core Velocity Belt
  • 2 Kinetic Training Cords (Colors vary according to the size of your pitcher.)


  • Lifetime access to all HD Getting Started Program videos walking you through the entire training system 
  • Lifetime access to the "Flexibility in Motion" Training System where I share with you the secrets to a healthy arm start with happy, mobile hips. 
  • Lifetime access to "The Core Velocity Ground Force" Med-ball training system where you will learn how to build explosive velocity patterns, how to get more from the ground and finally understand how to really use the lower-half.
  • Lifetime access to "The Core Velocity" Original 6 Training Drills which made the program famous.  

Plus, there's more... 

You will get access to: 

  • The Core Velocity Long Toss Program
  • Core Velocity Command Training Program

Finally, what everyone loves the most... 

  • The One and Only In-Season, Off-Season Velocity Training Program that doesn't require weighted balls... or long toss.  (Best part is - You will learn how to  use The Core Velocity Belt to increase your velocity off the mound because that's where you'll spend most of your time training with this program.)
Get Started Right Today At 100% No Risk To You... If for some reason you don't see an immediate spike in velocity, pain-free arm or eye-opening changes in your mechanics... Keep The Belt for FREE and I'll return every single penny you  invested!
No Setup. No Code. 100% Risk Free.
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